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North Russia American Transport Co 1919

Started by Chris Grimshaw, October 27, 2021, 01:37:36 PM

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Chris Grimshaw

Hi Team

One for our ' signature' guros here please.  Can anyone make out who's signed this card.

Have found online the Nominal Roll for this American Unit who went to North Russia in March 1919.



Howard Weinert

I can't decipher the signature.
The sender was in Co. 168 (Section B) of the North Russian Transportation Corps, which, with Co. 167, consisted of men recruited from engineer units in France.
These men were requested by the British to operate and maintain the Murmansk-Petrograd RR so that Allied forces could safely evacuate north Russia. 720 men altogether.
Co. 167 handled operations and Co. 168 handled maintenance.
The sender arrived in Southampton on March 13, left from Hull on March 17, and arrived in Murmansk on March 25.
The addressee, Sara Anderson, was born in 1892 and died in 1955, unmarried.
I checked every name on the roster of this company but could not identify a likely candidate.

Chris Grimshaw

Hi Howard

Thanks for looking, a nice card which will have to remain'unknown' I'd looked at the roster but like you couldn't find a connection.