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World War II airmail postcards

Started by Nick Guy, August 04, 2023, 04:55:01 PM

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Nick Guy

From the Overseas Mails Branch Weekly Reports and my note of a Discussion Forum thread from 10+ years ago, a 3d airmail postcard service from the UK to forces in the Middle East and East Africa (and Malta) was introduced on 2 April 1941 and withdrawn on 7 December 1942.  Neither OMB nor the Forum discussion (which related to an outgoing item) mention whether there was a reciprocal service and I would like to confirm that there was - ie were service personnel entitled to send airmail postcards from British APOs in those theatres to the UK for 3d?

I have, for example, this item originating at Nakuru but accepted by APO 186 at Khartoum.

Nick Guy

Neil Williams


I haven't seen one from my specialist area (Aden). However, I note these dates are around the time that use of Airgraphs and Airletter Cards began in the Middle East, both also charged at 3d. I would guess that normal postcards sent airmail might also have been accepted at 3d, but use would have been small as much less could be written than on an airgraph or Airletter Card. 

Neil W

Nick Guy

Nick Guy

For the record - since launching this enquiry I found that the March 1942 "Pamphlet for Information of all Units" reproduced in the History of the East African Postal Service (Rossiter, ed Proud, p 42-4) includes a table which specifies that there was "No Service" for Air Post Cards from East Africa Command to the UK.