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1944 - interim Egyptian Base Censor sealing tape?

Started by Neil Williams, August 27, 2023, 03:35:26 PM

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Neil Williams

Air letter from a Major of the 1st Hyderabad Lancers, at that time stationed in Aden, to India. Cancellation at the RAF PO in Aden on 8 December 1944. Censors A6/1431, Deputy Chief Field Censor and 'square 33', both the latter presumably applied in Egypt.

Apart from the scarcity of A6/1431, what is most interesting to me is the resealing tape. Plain paper with typewritten (or copied) ' In Lieu of / A.F.W3312 / EXAMINED / BY / BASE CENSOR' .

The reason for the tape must be that the regular issue was not available. I've not seen such before, though Egypt is not my specialist field. Does anybody have any background on this, and is it unusual?

Neil W

Peter Harvey

Hi Neil,

As you have had no replies from others, I thought I would comment.

I have not seen one of these before and I would certainly agree this is very unusual. There was period in 1941 - 42 when due to paper shortage areas of North Africa has significant improvised stationery use, but I have not seen anything like this or this late as improvisation goes.

Nice cover.


Neil Williams