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Started by Ross Debenham, September 29, 2023, 07:00:31 AM

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Ross Debenham

I attach 2 scans of a WW2 cover, recently purchased, which I believe may have been from a navy ship, visiting Bombay. Can any member help me with the location of the a.200 censor marker and the POSTAGE FREE cachet on the front of the cover. Also, I believe the B post marker on the reverse of the cover may have been used in Bombay, as I have seen it before on covers from naval sources. Hope members can assist.

Neil Williams


The B-1 mark is indeed Bombay. I find it interesting this style of mark was being used in WW2. Widespread use of this style as a stamp obliterator seems to have 'ceased' by 1900. 

Neil W

Michael Dobbs


Not able to provide very much help, sorry - Alistair Kennedy's WW2 Army censor listing shows (as sent in by Geoff Hanney):

Type A2  - 191    there is record which appears to be ROC H173 but not sure what means although has the unit as the 5th Suffolk


Ross Debenham

Peter Harvey

Hi Ross,

The B-1 is Bombay, I see this often on the back of covers and typically there is a Bombay connection. Sorry I can not help with the censor cachet.


Michael Dobbs


I have very recently purchased an item (front only from an Air Letter sheet) which has the 3AS India stamp cancelled with the B-1 mark.  The reverse of the piece shows the sender to be a Driver (922929) with the IAOC (Indian Army Ordnance Corps?) with 20 Ind Mob W/S Coy (50 Indian Mobile Workshop Company) Middle East Force, c/o Base Air Postal Depot, Karachi and addressed to Gurjala, Gurjala Post, Guntur Dist, India.

The page on which it came had the following write-up: "B-1" killer: an old Bombay mark brought back into use during World War II.  Originally used from around 1873 until the 1880's.

Does not fully answer your query, but I hope you find it useful.