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FIELD POST OFFICE 606 used in 1949

Started by Michael Dobbs, August 28, 2023, 12:20:54 AM

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Michael Dobbs


I have a query concerning the above FPO datestamp and I seek your help please.

I have a registered cover postmarked FPO 606 on 29 SP 49 (29 September 1949).  This has a registration label with a rubber cachet '1' stamped on it.  This would indicate the Field Post Office being BAOR 1 at Bad Oeynhausen (which used the address BAOR 1 from c.1947 to 1954).  Unfortunately there is no senders address on the reverse or any other indication as to the location of the FPO datestamp.

Proud Volume III shows:
APO E.612 (Dusseldorf) (30.10.45) - (5.9.46)
Held at Zone Postal Depot (16.3.48) - (27.11.48)
Berlin (BAOR 2) (31.7.50) - (15.5.52)

Alan Brown records show:
BAOR           1948-50
BAOR 2 Berlin   22/10/50, 30/9/51, 14/11/51

Alistair Kennedy record cards only show:
BAOR 2 Berlin   1950-51, 17 AU 50, 22 AU 50, 11 MR 51

As you can see there is no location shown for 1949.  Do any members have any covers with FPO 606 used in 1949 and if so do they provide any senders details please?

Thanks, Mike