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Dec 1941 late use of KGV Seahorse

Started by Colin Tabeart, September 12, 2023, 09:44:52 PM

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Colin Tabeart

Here is a registered cover from FPO 155 dated 1 Dec 1941. Can anyone please tell me where FPO 155 was at that time? And if possible where the triangular PASSED CENSOR 2889 was applied? Assuming it was from somewhere in the Middle East can anyone confirm the airmail postage was 10d single, so this was a treble rate cover?

Alan Baker

I can't answer your questions, but assuming the Seahorse is from the re-engraved set issued in 1934, this is not particularly late. The KGVI high values were not issued until 1939 (2s6d on 4th September) and may not have been available where the sender was located in 1941.

This assumes there was a good reason for applying the higher value stamp of course

Nick Colley

  - FPO 155: Proud has this in the Middle East (8 L of C from 3.6.41). I have a manuscript annotation (mine) in my copy that it was in Gaza from (1942) to (30/4/43). Your item is dated in December 1941, so I surmise there's a fair chance it may already have been in Gaza at that point.

    - 10d for the single air mail rate would therefore be correct I think, so your 2/6d rate would be correct for a triple rate item.

    - As regards the censor, well, it's the normal type of (army) censor for the ME at that time. I think ALK kept a register, and I think Mike Dobbs might have it, or know where it is. If ALK recorded it, he may have noted the unit, if it was on an item bearing the sender's details.


Neil Williams

A comment only: I note the FPO cancellers on the 2/6 and the vignette are dated 2 DE, a day after the cds on the reg label. Strange.  I also see a faint Army Post Office cds just below the numeral 161.

Neil W

Michael Dobbs

I cannot answer the queries but I agree with Neil that there is an unidentified FPO cancellation on the printed REGISTRATION THREE PENCE stamp of 2 DE 41 and I suspect that the ARMY POST OFFICE cancellation is BASE ARMY POST OFFICE - number not known, but I suspect it is BASE ARMY POST OFFICE 4.

I don't hold Alistair's censorship ledger as that is now with Geoff Hanney (who is looking to see if it can be scanned so that someone does not have to hold the large and very heavy ledger)who I think also has Alistairs index cards for WW2 FPOs.  I will email him to ask if he can assist (he does not use the Forum).


Colin Tabeart


Many thanks for all comments and apologies for late response. It does look like a BASE ARMY POST OFFICE but too poor a strike to see further details. If Geoff can add anything from Alistair's records that would be appreciated, but it would seem that we have a treble 10d rate airmail from the Middle East (Gaza possibly).

Michael Dobbs


Sorry for the delay, been extremely busy with both family and society issues lately.  Geoff Hanney has given me the following response:

Type A2 – 2889  there is nothing recorded although the one's around that number are in Egypt.

Not manged to find the card with FPO 151 on as yet to see if that has any additional information.

Sadly nothing definite, Mike

Colin Tabeart

Many thanks Mike - sorry for late reply - only just found your latest in SPAM for some obscure reason!