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Help Required WW1 Cover

Started by Andrew Tott, May 11, 2014, 06:29:56 PM

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Andrew Tott

Have been going through some of my recent covers and I am having some trouble with this cover.
It has a hand stamp for FPO 18 dated 25th June 1916 code A, FPO 18 is for 18th Brigade - 6th Division but the date of the card would put it in security phase I which would have used the hand stamp FPO 60, for the 60th Brigade - 20th Division.
It has a type 4 censor 2025 which was used by the 12th Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps 60th Brigade - 20th Division.
The address looks like Lt Col A.R.Leith D.S.O.
60 Rifles, Lady ***********
****** Park

I am unable to make out the signature at the bottom left of the cover also at the bottom right of the cover is TO HOSPITAL.
If any one can help with the address or signature it would be very helpful, also to confirm that I have all the other detail correct for the hand stamp and censor that would be great also.
Many Thanks.

Michael Dobbs


Lady Coopers Hospital, Hursley Park, Winchester

and others

For Lt Col A R Leith I think the following are relevant:

The London Gazette:
9 Jun 1916 https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/29618/page/5738
20 Oct 1917 Supplement: https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/29618/page/5738

Regards, Mike  :)

Andrew Tott

Thanks Mike for the information, I assume that the details I put for the hand stamp and censor are correct, so  all I have to do now is try and work out the signature at the bottom left of the cover.
Many thanks.

Chris Grimshaw

Hi Andy

Service Record 0f 12th Battn KRRC shown below

12th (Service) Battalion
Formed at Winchester on 21 September 1914 as part of K2 and came under orders of 60th Brigade in 20th (Light) Division. Moved to Bisley, going on in November 1914 to Blackdown and February 1915 to billets in Hindhead. Moved to Larkhill on 10 April 1915.
22 July 1915 : landed at Boulogne.

Your cover is indeed from them in the first security swap phase which commenced on the 18th June 1916.

No help on the signiture I'm afraid



Alan Baker

Paul McTaggart

1916 Army list shows up the following Paine linked to KRRC

12th Service Bn. Lt. Col. (temp) A.I. Paine, CMG, DSO (19th Oct '14) - last date is the officers substantive date of seniority



Michael Dobbs


Paul beat me to it !  If Alan is correct then it could be:

Paine, Albert Ingraham  Lieutenant Colonel


There are four entries which appear to indicate four seperate Medal Cards held at The National Archives.  It is an area outside my expertise and so I don't understand why there needs to be four seperate entries for this one person.

Regards, Mike  ;)

Chris Grimshaw

Hi All

Found this before, multiple cards when someone, usually an Officer have a Mention in Dispatches, if I get chance I'll have a look on Ancestry.



Andrew Tott

Thanks to every one that helped with information for this cover.
I have looked at the medal index cards for both Alexander Robert Leith and Albert Ingraham Paine, and both were awarded the D.S.O. plus many other awards.
Both served with the King's Royal Rifle Corps and Alexander Ingraham Paine was M.I.D. at least four times, twice in the Boer War and twice in the First World War.
He was also awarded C.M.G. and Alexander Robert Leith was awarded the O.B.E. and was also made Deputy Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire in 1939 and held the rank of Major.
When I do the write up for this card I hope I can get all the information on the page.
Once again many thanks.