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London Mtd Bde Fd Amb, June 1916

Started by Graham Mark, June 04, 2014, 10:50:01 AM

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Graham Mark

This recent puchase is a puzzle.  Can you help please.
After Gallipoli the Notts & Derby Mtd Bde went to Salonika in Feb 1916 and was numbered 7 Mtd Bde.  The London Mtd Bde was numbered 8 Mtd Bde and remained in Egypt until Nov 1916 when it went to Salonika until June 1917 when it returned to EEF.
The cover has the cachet of The London Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance RAMCT "B" Section and a postmark FPO 7Y of 8 JU 16.  The cover is backstamped Base APO X, 9 JU 16.
Did a section of the London Mtd Bde Fd Amb accompany the Notts & Derby Yeo Regts ?
The cover is addressed in pencil to "The Administrative Centre Medical ... and London Division, Duke of York's HQ, Chelsea.  It may not come out very clearly is the scan.


On the evidence of this cover it would certainly seem that part at least of the London Mtd Bde Fld Amb accompanied 7th mtd bde. Perhaps their own Fld Amb was short of personnel?