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Indian FPO 65 - 1915 Gallipoli ?

Started by Michael Dobbs, June 25, 2014, 11:36:16 PM

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Michael Dobbs

I have received the following email enquiry:

[color=maroon]The view side is an English river scene.
The dealer I bought it from said that he thought that F.P.O. No.65 was situated at Gallipoli, but I'd like to be sure, so can you confirm it, please ?[/color]

Anyone able to assist please ?

Many thanks, Mike  ;)

Frank Schofield

According to Proud, Indian FPO 65 was on Anzac Beach, Dardanelles, recorded dates of use 24.5.15 - 15.11.15
Frank Schofield

Michael Dobbs

Chris Grimshaw

Hi Mike

Isn't this item outside your usual territory?

Very nice card though, If you want a new home for it I know just the place.

Cheers Chris.

PS, I've just started to receive email notifications of posts on the Forum, Has the site been upgraded?  Clicked this facality months ago with no results.


Help!! Where's the spellcheck gone:(

Michael Dobbs


Many thanks for your comments - you have probably been working today and its been a long hot day (certainly down here !) so I'll forgive you for not reading the post properly !!   ;D  It was an enquiry I received - I receive a number of enquiries and those outside my knowledge sphere I place on the forum.

If you can add any additional info (sender, censor, etc), all comments gratefully received.  The person making the enquiry has already responded and stated:

[color=maroon]The Horse & Jockey pub is still in existence in Reading, so I will ask Reading Library if they have any information about the publican and family in 1915--I wonder if the writer survived ?[/color]

As it happens quite recently our webmaster had to move the website (and forum) onto new servers.  There were initial problems in accessing the forum and for a short period of a day or two no images were shown.   It could be that this triggered your notifications.

Regards, Mike  :D

Chris Grimshaw

Hi Mike

Yes, I see it now. A very busy week here, completed the move of my parents from Cannock to Hinckley.  Two days with a large van and then moved them on Wednesday.  Sorting and settling them in now.
12 hour days with the move:)

The "Horse and Jockey" pub rings a bell, when I get chance I'll do some research on this one.

Cheers Chris

Robin Davis

Hello Mike,

The Horse & Jockey pub Reading is still there now at 120 Castle Hill. The address used to be Castle Street as per the PC you illustrate but the section of the street it is in was renamed many years ago to Castle Hill at the time I believe when they installed a very big roundabout over the inner ring road. Hope this helps.

Kindest Regards


PS: The sender may possibly have been in the Royal Berkshire Regiment?