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Postage rates from FPO 1 China

Started by Chris Grimshaw, October 19, 2021, 03:40:19 PM

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Chris Grimshaw

Hi All

Does anyone know the postage rates from this FPO in 1935 please?


Chris Grimshaw

Hi Team

Item in question has now arrives from the Czech Republic.

Registered 'fragment' which looks to be complete.  Cancelled FPO 1 13 April 1935

Bears a Pre printed Registration Label FIELD P.O.1 . Located at Teintsin.

From a Coil printing, the Coil printings of these labels were introduced by 1928,  First example I've come across so far.

Back to the UK, but Back stamp incomplete.

Two questions arise

1 How is the postage made up? 

2 Has anyone got any Registered Forces Mail in the period 1929 to 1939 please.  In a continuation of the study I'm engaged in this will be a time span I'll be looking at shortly.

Cheers Chris

Peter Harvey

Very nice item Chris, first Registered item I have seen from this FPO and period.