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US 339th Infantry at Lerwick

Started by Howard Weinert, May 01, 2023, 12:08:15 PM

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Howard Weinert

In June 1919 American troops were evacuated from Archangel and transported to Brest, France. Some, or all, of the transports stopped at Lerwick in the Shetlands for several hours and off-loaded mail destined for the US. Two covers from a soldier in E Company are shown with barred circle mute cancels. Can anyone verify that these cancels were applied in Lerwick?

Nick Colley

Hi, Howard,

These appear to be examples of Dr.Gould's DA17 postmark: 8 bars not touching the circumference. He wrote an article in the Journal a few years back - Journal 275, Spring 2008 - and it seems there are several variations. The article describes them, and their ports of use (he identifies Lerwick as one of them, by the way) in some detail. Let me know if you don't have Journal 275: I can e-mail it to you, or you can download it from the website.


Howard Weinert

Thanks, Nick. How do I download it? I don't see anything obvious on the website.

Michael Dobbs


You can use the link in the email sent out by our Webmaster on 2nd March 2023 under the email heading "FPHS: Latest Journal, Newsletter & Auction Listing Now Available" and click on the "All Journals" link and then go and select the group which covers issue 275.

or from the home page of our Forum select the category "Journal, Newsletter & Auction List"
then click on the only item there "Spring 2023 Journal and Newsletter (335)"
then select "click here for all Journals"
then select Journal 275

Regards, Mike