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Army Post Office TPO East No 1 Transvaal Boer War

Started by Peter Harvey, May 26, 2023, 02:32:08 PM

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Peter Harvey

Any assistance with this would be appreciated:

I have attached copy of a cover (actually a front) sent to London cancelled with the ARMY POST OFFICE TPO EAST NO.1 datestamp used in October 1901.

This is recorded by Proud (British APO's Vol 1) recorded used in the Transvaal between Pretoria and Waterval Order between Aug 01 and May 02.

I  struggle with the senders details and can not make out the location, any help? I can read the following: From Pt J Muncey Guard _____ _____ Station Transvaal South Africa.

Thank you in advance.

Alan Baker

It looks like I Muncey to me, but all I can find is a member of the Rifle Brigade in India to 1898

Brian Robertson

Good evening,
Could this possibly be KAAPMUIDEN STATION, which was on the route of the Eastern TPO?

Peter Harvey

Hi Brian,

Thank you for this, you are almost certainly correct. I was searching for Hank Munden or Camp Munden from my reading, but thankfully, you came to to the rescue.

Many thanks for the help. Peter