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Help Wanted WW1 Covers

Started by Andrew Tott, April 13, 2014, 08:30:35 PM

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Andrew Tott

As I am still fairly new to the collecting of WW1 postmarks, I wish to ask the advice of some of the other more experienced collectors on the forum.
A few weeks ago at a local stamp and postcard fair I purchased two groups of cards, there was 19 cards in one lot and 20 cards in the other.
the first group of cards were all sent by Sapper 219139 Robert Cunningham. Royal Engineers. it also has R.O.D. which stands for Railway Operating Division.
All the cards have been sent to either Mrs E.Cunningham or Mr A.Cunningham at Station House.Lochgelly.Fife-Shire.Scotland.
They all have the hand stamp Army Post Office S.50 which is for Cherbourg - France, recorded use 19th May 1917 to 26th July 1919 in the Proud book and the same in the Kennedy and Crabb book.
The cards are dated from 13th August 1917 to 15th April 1918.
From the 13th August 1917 to 12th September 1917 they all have Type 5 - 5168 censor, from the 13th September 1917 to the 2nd October 1917 they have Type 5 - 5679 and from the 21st October 1917 to 15th April 1918 they have Type 6 - 5199, I know that these are not recorded in the Frank Daniel book but does any one have any other information on these censors.
The second lot of cards are again sent by the same person but unable to find the details for this soldier but all the cards are sent to Mrs L.West on the first card and all the others are to Mrs L.Hart or H.Hart could be his wife with the address 17 New Street.Weedon.Northamptonshire.
The first card is not dated but has Type 1 - 1019 which is not recorded in Frank Daniel's book the other cards date from 29th December 1914 to 13th January 1915 with Type 2 -1494 used by 44th Brigade, 2nd Division Royal Field Artillery and a Army Post Office hand stamp 51 which I think is I Corps Railhead.
On the 15th January 1915 it has Type 2 -1457 ( 41st Brigade - 2nd Division ) no hand stamp.
The next card is dated 10th March 1915 with Type 2 - ? and hand stamp Field Post Office 6 ( 6th Brigade - 2nd Division ) the next card is 22nd April 1915 with Type 3 - 206 ( 44th Brigade - 2nd Division ) Royal Field Artillery and hand stamp Field Post Office 5 ( 5th Infantry Brigade - 2nd Division ) 19th May 1915 Type 3 -10? Field Post Office T.2 ( 2nd Division Train ) 21st May 1915 Type 3 - 206 Field Post Office T.2.
Then from the 19th June 1915 to 23rd June 1915 they all have Type 3 - 1321 Field Post Office T.2 and on the 24th June 1915 it has Type 3 - 1332 Field Post Office T.2 both 1321 and 1332 are not recorded in Frank Daniel's book.
Now for the question would you do a write up page for each card in the group with each card mounted and its own page with that cards details or one single page with all the information for all the other cards listed on just one page.
I don't know what other people do and it would be nice to know, also any other information on the hand stamps or censor marks would be a great help.
Many thanks Andy

Alan Baker

I think from the lack of responses that you have asked the impossible question.
Over the years, I have also accumulated a number of covers, not all WWI, but not really hit on the solution of how to write them up. I did start on my WWI German naval covers last autumn but found it difficult to avoid repeating info where I had more than one from the same ship. I also found that doing a separate page for each one was very time consuming
I suppose it is a matter of personal choice and will also depend to a certain extent on what you intend to do with them - display or keep to yourself.
If you find a solution, I should be pleased to know

Michael Dobbs


I had refrained from replying as WW1 is not my collecting area and I was leaving it to other WW1 buffs on the forum to respond.  However, I tend to agree with Alan - my own opinion is that you should see how others mount and write-up their material to give you ideas and to talk to members about the issue.  Far too complex and diverse to try and put into what could be a myriad of responses on the forum.  The best way to view members material is to come to meetings where it is members displays on show - such material on display is not always mounted up / written up specifically for displays, but for that members own collection. 

This may give ideas as each member undoubtedly has their own views / ideas on how they wish to show the material they have collected.  For example if you have more than one cover / card from a specific ship you may wish to display one good item with the write-up and then mount others as ancillary sheets just to show postal markings, date ranges, censor, etc with minimal writing up.

Regards, Mike

Tony Walker

Hello Andrew

It's a while since I have been able to get onto the Forum

I absolutely understand your dilemma.

Here is one suggestion which I have implemented on occasions.

You can form a collage of up to six cards on a page (depending on where the cancellations etc. are located), by judicious use of corner mounts, and overlapping the cards, maybe in two or three pairs down the page.  You can omit one card or a pair and put in some appropriate text.

You can also create an A3 (landscape) page which is joined down the back with strong tape, so that it folds easily backwards into an A4 sheet which will fit into the protector.  It can be opened out for display.

Using this method you can easily accommodate several cards either overlapped or singly, with space for explanatory text.  Getting a bit detailed, you can mirror your layout in the next A4 or A3 page, so that when they are displayed together they form an very attractive composition.

Mind you it takes patience and a bit of ingenuity