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Started by Ross Debenham, May 26, 2014, 05:50:19 AM

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Ross Debenham

Could any member please enlighten me to the location of the abovementioned censor which I have on cover from East African Army Post Office 81 in company with Type R12 censor marker number 160 which according to Colley and Garrard was used as a Base Censor marker in East Africa during WW2. Colley and Garrard do not list the censor mark at all.

Ian Muchall

EA APO 81 was located at Port Reitz, near Mombasa. There were 2 other RAF bases as well as Mombasa which this cover could have been sent from; Port Reitz and Kipevu both of which had mail sent via this sub base PO. I have a record of this censor with EA APO 2 (Nairobi) which was the Base PO.
Hope this helps

Ross Debenham

Thanks Ian, as this censor has been seen used with EAAPO 2 I wonder if it could have been sent from one of the bases further afield, maybe Seychelles or one of the other island bases, which did not have their own Army Post Office facilities,