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Portuguese Army on Western Front

Started by Alan Baker, June 05, 2014, 04:19:08 PM

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Alan Baker

Can anyone give me any information on the Portuguese troops on the Western Front in WWI? I have recently acquired a few items from a soldier writing back to Portugal but the information I have found is quite limited

There are books but all seem to be in Portuguese (not my strong point!). The cards below seem to bear a number of stamps - "Censurado" "CEP SPC16" "Censura No 55" - as well as a receiving stamp from Tavira.

What were the postal arrangements for these troops? Clearly, they had their own censor stamps but how was mail dealt with?

Are there any books in English which might help?

Examples of the cards:

Peter Harvey

Hi Alan,

There are some notes in Kennedy and Crabb and Alistair was kind enough to send me some additional information a few years ago, which i would be happy to photocopy and post to you, if you are interested.

Frank Schofield

After Germany declared war on Portugal in March 1916. The Portuguese sent 2 Divisions to the Western Front in March 1917. For a short time in 1918 the 1st Division joined the BEF until August 1918. The 2nd Division  remained until the following month
The British Army Postal System was used, they cancelled mail with a double ring C.E.P / S.P.O No's. just gets a mention in Proud. Charles Entwistle has a listing of the 19 numbers on the last page of his booklet on WW1
Frank Schofield

Alan Baker

I would welcome any info you can provide. I have just acquired a card addressed to a member of the Portuguese forces which I will scan in later in the week. I would be interested in the make-up of the divisions for example. I understand they also sent artillery to France