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British rates from postal agencies in Central & South America

Started by Michael Dobbs, June 09, 2014, 11:11:14 PM

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Michael Dobbs

I have received the following enquiry via our website:

[color=maroon]I am a French collector and FRPSL. I study French maritime mail in Latin America.

I like also British maritime mail and British postal rates

Do you know if there is a book or some publication about British rates from the postal agencies in Central and South America to foreign countries other than UK ?
(from the beginning until the UPU period)

I found some of this information in the 2003 Tabeart book and in the Raguin one. (7 volumes)

I have also the Moubray book about rates from UK to overseas destinations and the Kenton one with the steamer tables.

But I did not find all those rates in the period.

Thanks in Advance for your help.

Best regards
Eugene Langlais[/color]

I would be grateful if anyoner can assist with this enquiry.

Many thanks, Mike  :)

Colin Tabeart

I am not aware of any such publication. As a dedicated researcher of UK postage rates to the world between 1635 and 1900 I have long been deeply unimpressed by the lack of published research by postal historians concerning rates to/from other postal authorities, and would urge the questioner to research his own question and publish - it would likely take about ten years of work and cost a fortune, but it would add considerably to the body of knowledge. And don't stop at UPU - there were many interesting rates after 1875, especially with respect to S America.
Best wishes

Graham Mark

A possible starting point could be AD Smith "The Development of Rates of Postage", originally published in London in 1917 and reprinted by Quarterman Publications inc of Lawrence Mass USA (no date) ISBN 0880001100.  Ten digit ISBN tells me it was published pre 2000
In his appendix A II he mentions the rates charged on both inward and outward letters from time to time.  Act of Parliament are cited which will provide data on rates and as the colonial POs were controlled from London I expect that the colonial rates were set in British Acts from at least the 1711 Act.  At p394 he quotes rates from North America to UK in 1699.
There is also a good bibliography which might suggest some useful material.
I hope this is helpful
Graham Mark